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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Morphology: Effects of Materials and Structures

Concrete Structure Axonometric & Plan

An extremely heavy structure that limits flexibility and openness.

All-Wood Structure Axonometric & Plan

Wolf house span across 24 meters longitudinally. Using a wood structure would require both exterior load bearing wall and interior load bearing wall. It could not provide the openness required by Wolf House.

Composite Structure Axonometric & Plan

Myers Residence, the project done by Barton Myers before Wolf Residence, adopted this type of structure. The load bearing walls on the outside support lateral loads while the steel joists and the metal deck spanning across these walls bear shear loads. As shown in the photo, only two side walls are made of concrete masonry, allowing the rest of the house to be built in steel frames. This type of structure requires no interior load bearing walls; Myers took advantage of this to allow for open space and sliding walls in the house.

Extremely open space in Berryman house

All-Steel Structure Axonometric & Plan

Using the Myers Residence as a precedence, Barton Myers chose an all-steel structural frame for Wolf House. Without the load bearing wall, the whole house was built in steel. Open web steel joists, metal decking and steel studs were built on top of concrete footing with caissons piled underneath for support. This structure not only produced the open space Myers Residence could not construct, but also reduced pressure on the foundation-- a requirement for the poor soil condition of the site. As a result, Wolf Residence has a structure lighter than all the structures above. It required no solid wall for support, thus appears to be a floating house. Sections and side elevations clearly show the eight steel studs supporting the entire building.

Exposed Ductwork & Lighting Systems Axonometric & Plan

After the steel frame construction was completed, the home remained lightweight. The Wolf Residence only became structurally stable after the application of drywall.

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