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Monday, November 26, 2012

Renovation and Furniture

Review 1970-1999

(Wolf Residence completed construction 1974)

  • Industrial + hi-tech design (exposed systems, structural frame)
  • Interchangeable modular units - sliding walls, flexible, adapatable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Office type furniture

Famous Modern Furniture Timeline 1970 – 1979

Industrial & Hi Tech movement developed (change in thought versus technology and materials)

Sophistication versus innovation

Office/contract furniture, interchangeable modular units & ergonomic design
Furniture used as objects to equip office space
Adaptable & flexible units
Inflation taking a toll
Traditional cabinet making in US & UK

(Glass box addition 1983)

  • Glass box - high quality materials, functional, easy, clean to maintain

Famous Modern Furniture Timeline 1980 – 1989


Venetian paint-finished walls, soft pattern

Focus on industrial sector

Designs predominantly commissioned for retail shopping, hospitals, restaurants, schools & hotels

Popular materials - metal, perforated metal, steel reinforcing mesh
High-quality, strong material and methods of manufacturing (functional, easy to clean & maintain), minimal design
Factory Dome lights
Warehouse or shop shelving
Metal as the favoured material
Perforated metalWire reinforced glass tables
Steel reinforcing mesh
Tractor seat stools
Two distinct styles: DIY prefabricated industrial items/contrasting kitsch, post-modern Memphis movement

(Redesigned 2nd/3rd floor interiors, master & children's bedroom 1995 & landscaping 1998)


Bedrooms with clean, uniform sheets, wooden dresses & flooring
Minimalistic furnishings in neutral tones
Controllable, systems, awnings

Jacuzzi tub
LED drop-down mirror
Body-spray shower
Heated honed limestone floor

Brown drapes
Beige counter tops
Brand new purchases


Learning how to go green

Minimalistic, neutral tones
Mundane, lack of character
Custom-golden pear wooden cabinet with sliding doors
White marble countertops above cabinets
Custom made handle hardware
Chandelier descending from second floor
Engineered hardwood maple tongue & groove floor
Electrically operated solar shades and awnings (G)
Low-voltage LED lighting (G)

IKEA kitchen, clean lines, comfortable edge (previously industrial from Myer's navy influences)
Bigger is better?
Halogen Potlights
Multi-coloured LED lighting
Custom soft-close wooden pear cabinetry
White Caesar stone backsplash
Japanese resin insets (gold-tipped leaf designs)
stainless steel electric wired appliance garages
Built-in stainless steel coffee maker, dishwasher, vegetable steamer, & oven
Stainless steel viking gas range w/ multi-speed halogen light vent fan
Sub-zero paneled fridge
Flat screen retractable TV

Vibrant colours (lime green + oasis blue) - furniture, glass table
Large, matching rug
Custom cabinetry 2001
Remote controlled multi-zone low voltage lighting
Zebra-wood wet bar
Wood-burning fireplace
A/V projection system w/ roll-down screen + surround-sound
Indie. heating/cooling system

Dimmer adjustable pot lights
Fully private, adjustable via sliding panels
High-tech floor surface

Gas and solar-panel heated concrete pool (solar system by Daystar Energy)
Salt water system
16 x 43 foot rectangle with a 3 to 8 foot slope
‘Owen Sound’ stone surface
Full irrigation system
6 irrigation zones
Landscape designed by Walter Kehm, landscape architect
Remotely controlled exterior lighting installed by Illuminations of Curtis

Review of 2000-2010
Dramatic changes from 2010-2012 (minimalism to vibrant colours)
"noughties" - comfortable design with a cutting-edge
interiors are more individual and less prescriptive
less of a default, more of an individual setting to fall in love with
Colour, patterned wallpaper, demask, florals, and designer prints
"recession-proof" style - consistent colours/patterns for one wall
Etsy's launch in 2005 - deliberate distress, imperfection
Modern chintz and kitsch teaware instead of Martha Stewart
IKEA - Scandinavian style, clean-lined and flat-packed
Putting green into practice - energy saving eco-living homes

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