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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

General Information

Wolf Residence

51 Roxborough Drive ,Toronto, Ontario
(In Rosedale neighbourhood)

Purpose (How the building came about):
Klaus Nienkamper, a famous furniture storeowner in Toronto, introduced the first owners of the house, Larry and Mary Wolf, to Wolf’s initial work 19 Berryman St. in 1972. The two thoroughly enjoyed the tour and wanted to purchase the home, but it was not for sale. Instead of waiting for the home to go on sale, they bought a lot in Rosedale to ask Myers for construction. It was a conservative neighbourhood surrounded by traditional Victorian homes and framed by tall trees. The lot was 50ft wide and 150ft deep by a park on the west side. Myers recalled the site as an "extraordinary lot".
The Wolf family wanted the house to be a reproduction of the Berryman St. house but with one additional bedroom. While working on the project, Myers said he had more leniencies with this project than the time he worked on the Berryman house because it was a spacious freestanding lot. After completion, Myers felt that this work resembled more closely to his early works of Eames inspired designs than the one on Berryman St., nonetheless, a successful project.

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